Note: This site is under construction. I'm in the middle of building a new version in React and Gatsby. Please excuse my mess!

Hi, I'm Sarah Federman

I'm a creative UI engineer

Website Reboot


I designed and developed a new responsive website for RIT-based startup Chadder

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HTML5 Canvas Experiment

Interactive Particle Playground

I developed a musical particle experience using HTML5 canvas and the web audio API

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Blog Reboot

Spruce Health

I developed a custom responsive Wordpress theme for Google Venture-backed startup Spruce Health

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Custom Wordpress Theme

News to Live By

I developed a responsive wordpress theme for a news website during my internship at Lookthink

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Sarah Federman

About Me

I love working in the sweet spot between design and code. I use cutting-edge technology to design & develop usable applications and interactive experiences. I'm passionate about design & development and I live to learn constantly. My focus is on frontend engineering, but I often hop the fence and work on visual design and UX or do some backend development. I have previously worked with Adobe and LinkedIn and I'm currently looking for my next new challenge! Let's work together!