April 21, 2015

FITC Toronto Day 2

FITC Toronto 2015

FITC is an annual design conference hosted in Toronto focused on merging the future, innovation, technology, and creativity! I was fortunate enough to win a free ticket for the second time when I entered the women’s initiative. I entered a site I designed and developed quickly for the contest.

Day 2 of the Conference

On day 2 we got there just in time for the first talk.

After the conference

The official event was an art battle, but our group decided that we weren’t really interested in that and headed off on our own.

We talked to a lot of awesome people there, like Jason Pamental (author of responsive typography), Paul Trani (Adobe evangelist), Naomi Atkinson (all around awesome entrepreneur), and a bunch more cool people.

Stay tuned for Day 3!