April 25, 2015

FITC Toronto Day 3

FITC Toronto 2015

FITC is an annual design conference hosted in Toronto focused on merging the future, innovation, technology, and creativity! I was fortunate enough to win a free ticket for the second time when I entered the women’s initiative. I entered a site I designed and developed quickly for the contest.

Day 3

On day 3, we were finally totally prepared. We left on time and knew the way to the conference. We had lunch at a Crepe cafe, which was really awesome.

Favorite Talks

I really liked the talks about Arduino and Maker tech. I actually went and bought an Arduino starter kit so I could start learning some hardware.

Dave Shea’s talk on Rolling Your Own CSS Methodology was not what I expected but I really enjoyed it. Dave created the classic site CSS Zen Garden and now heads a digital agency. He was discussing how he tried to take the best parts of CSS schools of thought (OOCSS, Atomic CSS, SMACSS, BEM) and create a system for his agency to use. To my surprise, he and I came to the exact same conclusions. We both came to the conclusion to use a BEM-like syntax and changed the modifiers so that they can be more efficiently used in multiples. It was kind of awesome to see that I had come to the same conclusion as him on my own. We chatted a bit afterwards and he seemed really awesome. In the next talk, which from from Mr. Doob, the creator of ThreeJS, some random guy sat down next to me and said “So did Dave offer you a job yet?” Haha, not yet!