June 4, 2015

I made front page of MaterialUp

I’m famous! Okay not really.

But I do have some upvotes! So today I woke up to a bunch of Twitter notifications from a tweet I’d been mentioned in. Turns out a design I posted last week on Dribbble has been featured on the front page of MaterialUp today! MaterialUp is a curated showcase of “the best of material design” that’s been around for about 6 months. I guess they used the Dribbble API to grab my project information, maybe they found it because it was tagged “material?” I don’t know, but I don’t mind. Here’s the feature: http://www.materialup.com/posts/rit-events-responsive-redesign

This was a smaller project I did last semester for my New Media Interactive III course with Adam Smith. We did a responsive redesign of the current RIT event calendar at https://events.rit.edu/ the post only showcases the desktop version, but we also did a tablet and a mobile version for the project.