February 23, 2015

My WIC Hacks 2015 experience

So this weekend¬†I participated to WIC hacks 2015, which is an all-women hackathon sponsored by RIT’s Women In Computing group! I worked on a team of 3 doing design and front-end development with two second year computer science majors, Susan Lunn and Madison Flaherty. They’re badasses, so they decided to write our backend in Haskell.

Our app was a responsive web application meant to help women find verified clinics near them. Public hospitals and Planned Parenthoods were key. Many “clinics” do not have certified medical professionals onsite and women do not get the treatment and medical information they need.

We took a mobile-first approach and I designed and coded a simple interface in sass with Bourbon. I used the Geolocation API to grab user’s coordinates on the homepage and pass that to a search results page that is templated via Handlebars.js from a JSON¬†value. The JSON value is returned from our Haskell backend which hits the Google Maps API to grab results of clinics.