February 11, 2015

The Open Source Way – Quiz

For my Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software development class, we were given a quiz about comparing the principles of open source presented in Weber’s The Success of Open Source, and the five pillars of “The Open Source Way.” Our submission was via blog format so here goes:

  1. What are the titles of each General principle?
    1. Make it interesting and make sure it happens
    2. Scratch an itch – solve a real problem
    3. Minimize how many times you have to reinvent the wheel
    4. Solve problems through parallel work processes whenever possible.
    5. Leverage the law of large numbers – “Many eyes make any bug shallow”
    6. Document what you do
    7. Release early and release often
    8. Talk a lot
  2. What are the titles of each Pillar?
    1. Open exchange
    2. Participation
    3. Rapid prototyping
    4. Meritocracy
    5. Community
  3. What are the similarities between Weber’s eight principles, and the five pillars?
    • Both documents place a ton of emphasis on how the community interacts and believe that the key to successful open source projects is making everything open and accessible.
  4. What are the differences?
    • Weber tends to focus on the effect and actions of individuals, whereas the Five Pillars tend to effect the community as a whole, and use words like “we” more often.
  5. Bonus: Who’s “keen analysis” did Weber “Draw Heavily” upon?”
    • Eric S. Raymond
  6. Double-Bonus: What was the title of this “keen analysis.” (Hint: Weber hinted at the title when he was talking about Cathedrals earlier in the chapter.)
    • The Cathedral and the Bazaar
  7. Triple-Bonus: Where can this keen analysis be found? (Answer in URL form, i.e. http://placeofkeenanalysisis.com/analysis)