Website Reboot

Chadder is an RIT-based startup. They created an end-to-end encrypted private messaging mobile application. In need of a site redesign, they approached me with the project.I designed the website for my GUI course project and continued on to develop the site on my own, until I helped officially launch the app at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Utilizing a responsive approach, the site's main function is to increase app downloads. Currently featured on Product Hunt!

Design Process

Initial Iteration

Upon reflection, I decided that I wasn't invoking the emotional response necessary for a security-focused application. With some copy changes and some bolder colors and imagery, I came to a final solution.

final designoverlay

Development Cycle

Front-end Development

This was a bit of a sprint, since we only had about a week to prepare in between final exams and leaving for CES.Because of this, I had to nix some of the extra effects I'd intended, like parallax scrolling.

comp matching

Comp Matching

I used Adobe Extract to quickly get critical information about colors, dimensions, etc.

comp matching

PX to REMs

All pixel values were converted to rems by use of a sass function, from the Bourbon sass framework

comp matching


With the help of CSS animations and some jQuery, I created custom modals for non-critical information

comp matching

Mobile Responsive

With the help of some media query adjustments, the mobile version came to life

Final Thoughts

This was such a rewarding project! I learned about startups, got to pitch users and press in Vegas at CES, and got to do the design and development of the whole project.

If I could go back, I would implement a different image for the final slide and it seems to stock image-y.